Nebraska811 Safe Digging Poster Contest

The Nebraska One Call Board of Directors invites Nebraska elementary age children to learn about the importance of underground utility services and the dangers of unsafe digging practices such as injury and the loss of key services like 911, electricity, internet, and heating/air conditioning. Using a fun and educational DVD combined with a comprehensive Teacher’s Resource Guide developed by the Common Ground Alliance*, educators have the opportunity to teach about digging safely around underground utilities.

Come join us on a pirate adventure! Elementary age classes and groups are invited to participate in the Nebraska811 Safe Digging poster contest after viewing the DVD. Posters depicting their interpretation of the 811 Call Before You Dig message are entered to win a virtual or on-site educational presentation where students help plant a tree for their school. The posters that are selected will be featured in our statewide public awareness campaign and Nebraska811 will present each school with a tree, commemorative bench, plaque and a cookie party.

The 2021 contest has concluded. The 2021 Safe Digging Poster Contest winners are as follows:

Auburn Public School
Teacher: Amber Meyer, 3rd grade

Ansley Public School
Teacher: Stephanie Evans, 5th grade

Bloomfield Elementary School
Teacher: Laura Hauger, 3rd-6th grade

Conestoga Elementary School-Omaha
Teacher: Anne Keenan, Grades 1, 2, 4, 5, 6

Giltner Public School
Teacher: Morgan Hostert, 3rd grade

Gordon Elementary
Teacher: Ann August, 3rd grade

Hemingford Elementary School
Teacher: Bridget Johnston, Grades 5 and 6

Centura Public School
Teacher: Jenifer Trumler, 4th grade

Repeat winners:

Dorchester Public School
Teacher: Stacy Lutjemeyer, 5th grade

Peter Sarpy Elementary-Bellevue
Teachers: Sara Messer, Jennifer Huff, 4th grade

Silver Lake Elementary School
Teacher: Trish Hinrichs, 3rd grade

Verdigre Public School
Teacher: Amy Pickinpaugh, 5th grade

To view the video and utilize the curriculum, see the links below:

CGA Pirate Adventure Safe Digging Video
Governor’s Proclamation

The 2020 Safe Digging Poster Contest winners are as follows:

Randolph Public Schools
Randolph Teacher: Samantha Welch, 4th & 5th grade

Central Valley Elementary
Scotia Teacher: Mary Wood, 2nd grade

Gordon Elementary
GordonTeacher: Ann August, 3rd grade

Newman Grove Public School
Newman GroveTeacher: Karla Patzel, 4th & 5th grade

Silver Lake Elementary
Bladen Teacher: Trish Hinrichs, K-6

Springview Grade School
Springview Teacher: Mary Kay Keck, 3rd-5th grade

Wayne Elementary School
WayneTeacher: Sonya Tompkins, 6th grade

Please visit the Nebraska811 Facebook page to view the winning posters.

Please enjoy the re-cap videos from years past.

2018 Safe Digging Poster Contest Results


811 Pirate Outreach Recap


811 Pirate Outreach Recap

Nebraska811staff and board members teamed up with local schools for their annual “811 Pirate Adventure” youth outreach program. Several Nebraska elementary schools viewed the “Pirate Adventure” video which teaches the importance of safe digging practices in a super-fun way. Kids could then draw posters about safe digging and submit them to our annual contest!

This montage video shows the fun we had at the winning schools this spring & summer – planting trees, awarding 811 cookies and having a blast with some great kids.

“Call Before You Dig – ARRRR!!”


811 Pirate Outreach Recap

Here’s a fun retrospective vid starring staff members of Nebraska811, Board Members of Nebraska811, teachers, parents and public safety officials and of course the STUDENTS of several Nebraska elementary schools participating in an 811 Poster Contest and ‘811 Pirate Adventure Video’ activities throughout Nebraska this spring and summer (2014). Making the younger generation more aware of Damage Prevention and ‘Calling 811 Before they Dig’ is an excellent way to make Nebraska a safer place for everyone for years to come. We hope you enjoy the video!

2014 Safe Digging Proclamation & 811 Pirate Adventure Poster Contest WINNERS!!

Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman proclaimed April as Safe Digging Month on April 9th at the State Capitol. The Nebraska One Call Board of Directors was in attendance as were the Pirate Adventure Safe Digging Poster Contest winners and their families. Winning posters were displayed in the rotunda along with the Nebraska811 booth where educational and promotional items were available. 


Congratulations to the following schools that were chosen as winners in our Pirate Adventure Safe Digging Poster Contest. Each school will receive a complimentary park bench and tree planting at an on-site educational presentation put on by the One Call Board of Directors. Senators for each associated district have been invited and anyone in the community is welcome to join in the fun!

Pershing Elementary – Lexington Friday 5/9 2:15 PM
Weeping Water Public School – Monday 5/19 12:00 PM at the city park
Orchard Public School – Monday 4/28 1:00 PM at the city park
Chase County Elementary School (Imperial) – Wednesday 5/7 1:00 PM
Gates Elementary School (Grand Island) –Friday 5/2 2:00 PM
Dorchester Public School – Tuesday 5/6 1:45 PM
Jefferson Elementary (Norfolk) – Tuesday 5/13 10:00 AM
Elkhorn Kids Campus (Elkhorn/Omaha) – Thursday 4/24 4:00 PM
Reagan Elementary School (Millard/Omaha) – Wednesday 4/29 2:00 PM

Watch for billboards with the winning posters and a safe digging message displayed throughout Nebraska all summer long. Please contact Jill Geyer at for further details.


811 Pirate Outreach Recap

Here’s a short video montage of some pics/video clips of Nebraska811 staff and board members visiting some area schools and kid’s groups, spreading the important message of Damage Prevention and ‘811’ utilizing the Common Ground Alliance’s PIRATE video for Kids. Learn more about Dig Safety in Nebraska at!

The CGA’s PIRATE Video teaches youth about underground lines and Dig Safety in general and can be viewed here: