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Information Center

The NE811 Information Center is a quick reference page for information about the Nebraska One-Call system.

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Welcome to Nebraska811

Nebraska811 is a FREE service for anyone who is planning a digging project, including homeowners and professional excavators. Nebraska State law requires anyone who digs to place a locate request at least two full business days before digging. Once your request is submitted, utilities will locate and mark their lines.

By placing a call or an online request with Nebraska811, damage to underground utility lines can be prevented as well as costs for repairs, loss of use and injury. It’s FREE. It’s EASY. It’s the LAW.

Locate requests are placed by calling 811 or 800-331-5666, or by selecting one of the applicable buttons to your right.

Please Note: For private utility lines, it is the owner’s responsibility to determine their location. Utilities will NOT locate and mark privately owned lines.