Does this mean I can’t use ITIC 2.0 anymore?
We want to give everyone a chance to get comfortable with ITICnxt, so we will leave the current version of ITIC running for a while. ITIC will be retired at some point in the near future, so please take some time to familiarize yourself with the new system.
How is the number of tickets that need to be generated determined?
The Nebraska One-Call Board of Directors has rules and policies that govern how tickets are split and when multiple tickets should be generated based on the size of the excavation area, county lines and other factors. ITICnxt generates the number of tickets needed for the entities created during a session so that the ITICnxt user doesn’t have to know these rules.
Why is the satellite map engaged before I create an excavation entity?
We believe that drawing the excavation area on the satellite map will improve the accuracy of depicting the dig site. Therefore, we default to this map. The Call Center map may be used at any time, but the satellite map is preferred.
Why is the Call Center map engaged when verifying tickets?
Members have determined their coverage areas based on the Call Center map. Therefore, the mapped excavation area must be confirmed when viewing the same map. Also, in some cases, the Google maps and Call Center maps do not agree in which case, information must be confirmed on the Call Center map.
What should I do if the excavation entity has been created in the wrong place?
Return to the mapping screen and either edit the excavation area or delete and re-draw it.