Operators of underground facilities shall become members of and participate in the center.  (76-2318, 76-2313,76-2317)

Notification Area Map

Operators must furnish a notification area map to the call center.  (76-2320)

Mark facilities

Operators must mark or clear their facilities by the start date and time on the ticket. (76-2323)

Marking Standards

Effective 8/13/2019, operators shall mark lines using the APWA color code. Markings shall include the use of paint, flags, stakes, whiskers, signs, or posts or any combination of these. Painted spots or dots can be used to identify utilities; the direction of the facility must be identifiable. Offsets can be used when there is a strong likelihood that the marks may be destroyed. Offsets are placed parallel to the running line of the facility. The offset shall indicate the distance and direction from the offset to the facility. When known, the markings shall include: the size of the facility, if over 2 inches in width; the material make-up of the facility, and the facility (owner) name.

Electronic Positive Response

All operators are required to electronically notify the center of their response status prior to the start date and time on the ticket.   Any utility that is not currently configured to provide positive response should contact NE811 as soon as possible at neltm@occinc.com.  Include your name, company name, a contact phone number and email.

Reporting a One Call Violation

(76-2325) Download the form to report a violation to the Attorney General’s Office here.

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