Report a Violation

Nebraska One-Call Enforcement

The Attorney General’s Office receives complaints alleging violations of Nebraska’s One-Call Notification Act. The One-Call Notification Act outlines certain legal requirements for excavators and underground facility operators in order to protect the public from injury and protect facilities from damage that may occur during excavation. Violations of the Act may be subject to civil penalties of up to $10,000.00 per violation.

Some of the assessed civil penalties may be waived if a party maintains compliance with the One-Call Act for a period of time and attends a Damage Prevention Safety Education course approved by the State Fire Marshal. Civil penalties are allocated to the local school fund in the county where the violation occurred.

Once a complaint is received, the Attorney General’s Office reviews the complaint and conducts additional investigation, if necessary. The Attorney General’s Office may contact the party that submitted the complaint for additional information.  A notice of potential violation will be shared with the party against whom the complaint is filed and they will then have an opportunity to respond to the complaint.

Need To Report a Utility or Excavator?

If you have questions, or would like to file a complaint, please click HERE to access the One Call Notification complaint form. Instructions for submitting the complaint form are at the bottom of the form. You can also access the form by going directly to the Attorney General’s contact us page on their website, scroll down and click on the One Call Notification icon at the bottom.

*NOTE:  This complaint process only applies to Facility Operators or Excavators operating in the state of Nebraska.   

Examples of Common Excavator Violations:

  • Failure to contact Nebraska811 prior to excavation
  • Failure to wait the required time after requesting a locate
  • Failing to report damaging a buried utility to Nebraska811
  • Digging outside the scope of the locate instructions

Examples of Common Utility Company Violations:

  • Failure of an underground facility to locate/properly locate its facilities
  • Failure to respond to a request
  • Failure to be members of Nebraska811